Pack 11 Arenas PVP

$ 5,00

flat Arenas with exterior decoration
Pvp zone size: 100 × 100
Type of Arenas:

  • Ice
  • Space
  • Pirates
  • Greek
  • Canyon
  • natural
  • Bone
  • Aquatic
  • Maya
  • Academic
  • Medieval

File Type: .schematic


Pack 11 Arenas PVP

Introducing our collection of “Flat Arenas with Exterior Decoration” – a stunning array of PVP zones designed to elevate your gaming experience. Each arena is meticulously crafted with a size of 100×100, offering intense battles and breathtaking landscapes.

Included Arenas:

  1. Ice
  2. Space
  3. Pirates
  4. Greek
  5. Canyon
  6. Natural
  7. Bone
  8. Aquatic
  9. Maya
  10. Academic
  11. Medieval

Key Features:

  • PVP Zone Size: 100×100
  • File Type: .schematic

Dive into the fray and explore the unique characteristics of each arena. Engage in battles surrounded by the beauty of frozen landscapes, the vastness of space, the daring adventures of pirates, and the grandeur of ancient civilizations. From lush natural settings to bone-chilling duels, there’s an arena for every combat style.

Download the .schematic file for your preferred arena at FineArts Store and transform your PVP battles into epic encounters. Immerse yourself in the immersive exterior decorations that add flair and excitement to every skirmish.

Choose your arena, prepare for battle, and make your mark on the gaming world with our “Flat Arenas with Exterior Decoration.” Get ready for an unparalleled PVP experience!


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