Natural Cave Prison Lobby

$ 10,00

This spawn is located inside a large cave set with natural decoration , where you can see rays of natural light entering. designed to create a sensation of lights and emotional tours.

Size: 300x200x250

Places it contains:

  • Crates zone
  • Staff and Rules zone
  • Encharter and Repair zone
  • Info Table
  • Rank Zone
  • PvP zone (pvp table and pvp rank)
  • 3 min
  • 1 pvp mine
  • Market
  • casino
  • Portal

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Explore the grandeur of our “Natural Cave Prison Lobby,” a meticulously crafted spawn nestled inside a vast cave adorned with natural elements. Immerse yourself in the visual spectacle of natural light rays, creating a unique and emotional atmosphere.


  • Size: 300x200x250
  • Included Zones:
    • Crates Zone
    • Staff and Rules Zone
    • Enchanting and Repair Zone
    • Info Table
    • Rank Zone
    • PvP Zone (with PvP table and rank)
    • 3-Minute PvP Mine
    • Market
    • Casino
    • Portal

Discover excitement in every corner of this lobby, from the intensity of PvP to the relaxation in the market and casino. Effortlessly navigate between different zones thanks to our intuitive design. Get ready for a unique experience at FineArts Store!

Purchase now and dive into the greatness of our “Natural Cave Prison Lobby” at FineArts Store. Explore, conquer, and enjoy!


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