RPG – Survival Spawn

$ 9,00

Fantasy-Medieval Castle with houses and surrounded by walls. It connects with the outside with long stairs,

Ideal spawn for Survival or RPG server.

  • crates zone
  • npc
  • pre-spawn
  • enchant zone

Approximate size: 270 × 270

File type: .schematic

Compatibility: 1.12


RPG – Survival Spawn

Welcome to the enchanting realm of our “RPG – Survival Spawn,” a majestic Fantasy-Medieval Castle designed to elevate your Survival or RPG server experience.

Key Features:

  • Fantasy-Medieval Castle with Houses and Walls
  • Strategic Connection to the Outside via Long Stairs
  • Ideal for Survival or RPG Adventures
  • Strategically Placed Crates Zone
  • NPCs Adding Life to Your World
  • Convenient Pre-Spawn Area
  • Enchanting Zone for Magical Enhancements

Embark on Your RPG Journey:

Castle Majesty: Experience the grandeur of a Fantasy-Medieval Castle, complete with houses and protective walls, setting the perfect stage for epic adventures.

Strategic Connection: Connect seamlessly with the outside world via long stairs, adding both aesthetic appeal and strategic significance to your spawn.

Survival or RPG Haven: Tailored for both Survival and RPG servers, this spawn provides a versatile and immersive environment for your players.

Functional Elements: Strategically placed crates, lively NPCs, a convenient pre-spawn area, and an enchanting zone contribute to a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

Size and Compatibility: Approximately 270×270 in size, this schematic is compatible with Minecraft version 1.12.

Download the “RPG – Survival Spawn” at FineArts Store and transport your players to a world where fantasy meets survival. Immerse yourself in the magic, strategy, and endless possibilities of this enchanting spawn. Elevate your server today!


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